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Raising our puppies

Our goal is to raise healthy, sound, confident and social puppies that will go on to bring their families many years of companionship and joy.  Whether this be as medical alert dogs, therapy or assistance, or just the perfect family pet.

With this in mind we feed our dogs premium raw diets to optimise their health, you can read more about this in the Feeding Your Puppy section.

Our litters are born in our home, most often in our bedroom so we can keep an eye on mumma and puppies in the early days.  The whelping box temperature is regulated to the ideal temperature based on their age requirements.

As their eyes open and they become more interactive they are moved to the main living area of our house so that they can experience the stimuli and all of the normal sights and sounds that go in in the average home.  Visitors young and old, music, TV, other animals (eg. adult dogs, cats etc), vacuum cleaners etc become part of their everyday experience.  From a very early age our puppies are recognising our voices and moving towards us to actively engage, they are human focused and will snuggle in at every opportunity.

By 4 weeks of age the puppies are enjoying the ‘great outdoors’ in our secure puppy pens.  Here on nice days they get to lounge in the sun, roll in the grass, play on the specially designed puppy play equipment, wrestle each other, chase bugs and do all the things that happy puppies do.  Nothing makes us happier than watching the puppies explore their outdoor environment.  They are then brought back inside all tuckered out to rest in their warm whelping box before it all starts again the following day.

From birth we are assessing and evaluating puppies, it’s very important to us that we match puppies to the right families and this can only be achieved by understanding our puppies temperaments.  Our allocation process is not about first come first serve, we go through every application and take the time to call shortlisted prospective families to understand the kind of puppy they are looking for.  Allocations will not occur until the puppies have had their health clearance and first vaccinations at 6 weeks of age.  At this stage we have had the time to get to know and understand what the perfect family for each individual puppy will look like and will then allocate accordingly.

By the time the puppies go to their new homes at a minimum of 8 weeks they have been introduced to the fundamentals of toilet training, crate training and basic obedience commands such as sit, drop etc.  It is imperative that this training is continued with their new families to ensure that they will grow into the perfect canine citizens that we know they can be.

Australian Cobberdogs are intelligent and they thrive in environments that offer boundaries, training and physical and mental stimulation.  A bored puppy is a destructive puppy, this breed does not do well on its own in the yard for hours a day.  They are companion dogs and they require interaction with their families and enriching activities to keep them happy.  They love nothing more than joining in on their families adventures, our dogs love coming away with us on our holidays particularly if it involves the beach.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding raising an Australian Cobberdog puppy, we are here to help.

Gold Chocolate Black Australian Cobberdog Puppies Feeding
Chocolate Brown Australian Cobberdog Puppy
Gold Red Australian Cobberdog Puppy
Gold Australian Cobberdog Puppy
Black Raven Australian Cobberdog
Gold Chocolate Brown Australian Cobberdog Water Play
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