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the Australian Cobberdog

Australian Cobberdog Puppy Companion Support Therapy Assistance

The Australian Cobberdog has a wonderful, consistent temperament which makes it an ideal choice for

family pets or as assistance, companion or therapy dogs.

Trusting by nature and eager to please the Australian Cobberdog is friendly, balanced and sensitive to

the emotions of humans.  They have an innate ability to look deeply into your eyes as if trying to work

out what you are thinking and feeling.  There is nothing quite like the connection an owner feels with

their Cobberdog, it’s difficult to describe and such a privilege to experience.


  • Responsive to training

  • Sweet, gentle and loving temperament

  • Goofy and comical nature

  • Wonderful with children and other animals

  • Non shedding

  • Hypoallergenic - no dog can be universally hypoallergenic but the Cobberdog does not shed or produce dandruff

  • Highly social

  • Human connectivity - this is evidenced in their sustained eye contact and sweet temperament

  • Friendly to all and non aggressive - this breed is not a guard dog!

  • Intuition - suitable as assistance, companion, therapy and medical alert dogs


There should be no difference in temperament among the different sizes.

Miniature: Weight 7kg - 12kg - 33cm - 42cm

Medium: Weight 12kg - 20kg - 42cm - 51cm

Standard: Weight 20kg - 35kg - 51cm - 61cm

There is no appreciable difference in size between males and females.

Here at Karrah Creek we breed miniature, small-medium, medium and

large medium size Cobberdogs.


One of the glorious things about the Australian Cobberdog is the variety of stunning colours ranging from solid to parti.

White through to cream, red, gold, black, brown, silver, cafe, parchment, blue, merle, lilac, sable & phantom are all within the acceptable colour range.  See some examples below:



There are 3 main coat types straight, wavy & curly, here at Karrah Creek we breed straight and wavy. Visually both coat types are near identical and fall in loose waves.

The Australian Cobberdog coat is like Teflon, dirt and mud sheds as the coat dries or is easily brushed out leaving a lovely clean coat with no doggy odour.  We have had many beach days resulting in very wet, sandy and dirty dogs but a quick brush and dry and you would never know!

Please remember that regular grooming and ear care is essential with the Australian Cobberdog.  From our perspective it is a small price to pay for the many benefits of their beautiful low to non shedding odourless coats, but you will need to factor the cost of regular grooming or purchasing the required equipment if you intend to groom at home.


Gold Australian Cobberdog Puppy


Australian Cobberdog Black Raven Puppy


Blonde Australian Cobberdog Puppy


Australian Cobberdog Gold White Parti Puppy


(this colour usually changes to a pretty cafe colour as the adult coat comes in)

Chocolate Brown Austrailan Cobberdog
Black Raven Australian Cobberdog Puppy
Red Australian Cobberdog Puppy


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