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guardian home program

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As part of our breeding program at Karrah Creek we regularly enter into Guardian Home Arrangements where puppies who have been selected as suitable for our breeding program are homed with and raised by families, coming back to us for breeding related vet work and health checks, mating, pregnancy etc.

Entering a guardian arrangement is a big commitment for the guardian family and, while for some families a pet puppy might be more suitable, for the right family a guardian arrangement can offer an extremely rewarding and rich experience as you get to see and be involved in the process of delivering future generations and the families who they become part of!

An overview of the requirements, responsibilities and expectations under the Guardian Home Arrangement include:

  • The guardian arrangement is in place for a limited time only – once the dog is no longer part of our breeding program full ownership is transferred to the guardian family (females ~3 – 4 years, males ~4 – 5 years).

  • During the period of the guardianship the puppy/dog lives and is raised as part of the guardian’s family – 80% of the time this is the same as a pet puppy.

  • Responsibilities and requirements during the guardianship period include:

    • Ensuring the health and well being of the puppy/dog is top priority and managed proactively at all times – guardians are responsible for all non-reproductive related health costs

    • Ensuring the puppy/dog does not have opportunity to mate outside of our breeding program and monitoring breeding cycles

    • Transporting the puppy/dog to/from us as required for breeding related vet visits, assessments, photo’s etc

    • Having the puppy/dog stay with us for mating periods and, for female dogs, the pre-labour, labour and whelping period

    • Ensuring appropriate training, socialisation, exercise etc and maintaining a healthy diet, hygiene and grooming

  • Guardians are required to live within 100kms of us and to ensure access as necessary – we’re North of Brisbane so anywhere from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and out to Ipswich is typically within range – and to have adequate access to an appropriately secured outdoor yard.

  • There is no fee associated with entering a Guardian Home Arrangement – the puppy/dog remains part of our breeding program for the period of the guardianship and the guardian commits to actively ensuring this is achieved, with full ownership transferred upon completion of the guardianship period.

Chocolate Australian Cobberdog Puppy

All of our guardian arrangements are built on open and proactive two-way communication and building an extended family around the puppy/dog, with all parties primary focus on the health, well being and best interests of the puppy/dog. Given this shared passion, we build strong relationships with our guardian families over time, working collaboratively with guardian families to raise beautiful long term family members for current and future puppy owners.

Guardianship doesn’t suit for everyone and we undertake suitability assessments for pet and guardian placements to ensure the arrangement will provide the best opportunity for the puppy/dog to have a happy, healthy and loved life while forming part of our breeding program and beyond.


For more information about our guardian home program please contact us via email at or to apply to become a guardian family please complete our Guardian Home Application.

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